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We are Surtidora Pro-Medical SA de CV, a Mexican pharmaceutical distributing company.

Lately we seem to have issues with differing opinions from those known as “Big Pharma”,  yes some of the same entities that supply us with pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Here in Mexico we have been supplying pharmaceuticals to wholesalers, pharmacies and individuals across Mexico since 1978.  We are proud of our success and how we treat our patients, clients and customers; however lately we have run into issues with several large Pharmaceutical entities that are not in agreement with our goals.

Not that we are attempting to “Bite the Hand that Feeds Us”, but it seems that ever since we received a specialty compulsory licence to import generic formulations for cancer and HIV/AIDS medicines; Big-Pharma is screaming foul with the local health authorities.

It seems to stem from our importing generic versions of Patented pharmaceutical products, that Big-Pharma sells at extremely high prices here in our country, of which are way out of the reach of must normal Mexicans and Americans living down here.

Because of that, we made proper applications for compulsory licenses, asking permission to be allowed to import these generic versions of these high-priced medicines, and were granted permission. We have since imported these W.H.O.-Genveva, Switzerland approved medicines and began receiving harsh criticism from our local pharma or rather the Big-Pharma industry.

Why? Because we don’t want to fall in-line with all the other pharma entities that are in agreement of trying to push high priced, life-altering medicines to the public that can’t otherwise afford them.

We can’t justify selling a product to a local family, that must find a way to pay the high cost of Patented medicine prices of for example $1,300.00 for a bottle of 60 pills for an HIV/AIDS medicine, when we can import the same Generic version and re-sale to this same family for $89.00!

Does anyone see our point?  Speaking from a certain perspective, we are not trying to beat our chest and yell out to the world “We are Humanitarians”, on the contrary. We fell that Big-Pharma has lost sight of the end goal; that of not just making money, but to cause no further harm and to assist humanity in health-care treatments and therapies.

We are receiving tremendous heat on this subject and feel that we are being singled out…

I would appreciate to hear about similar stories from others in this field and from those who have suffered from these same entities…

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